Tours and prices

All activites is located at our winter camp. DO NOT use our home/company adress.

Duration time is from your arrival to the total activity is completed. Time on sled is a part of this.

Famely tour  1,5 km

Short but funny trip

All sleds with a guide

We recommend this tour for the youngest children

Per person

Adults nok 700 and child -12 year nok 400

12 km

This is our most popular tour.

Warm drinks and biscuit by the fire after the tour.

Per person

Adults nok 1900 and child -12 year nok 1000

6 km

Nice trip in beautiful nature. We are passing one of the old log cabins beside the trail.

Per person

Adults nok 1300 and child -12 year nok 900

30 km

Our long distance tour.

Do you want to take the challenge? you will not regret .. guaranteed. 2-6 people per trip.

Lunc incl.

Per person nok 4500.

Normaly we go with up to 4 sleds ( 8 people 1 guide incl ) 

This is for safety.

For more then 8 people in a group we may have to make 2 laps.

We have warm winter suit`s for rent

2 small, 2 medium, 2 large, 1 xlarge

Nok 200 per suit

Husky tour and accommodation  "Off The Grid".

All " off the grid " tours firewood and fresh wather is incl.

The sledges are operated by 2 people and hold some luggage. In case of large packing, transport must be expected. Snowmobile. Nok 1500 

Detailed information about the tours is available on request and booking.

13 km, return the next day

1 night in cabin 4 beds ( Kjølstad cabin )

 New tour this season

1-2 persons nok 5999

3-4 persons nok 7999

Extra night nok 1599

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The "off the grid" is one of our popular offer. Husky tour and accommdation in a old log cabin.

These are historic houses that were used by lumberjacks in the old days before forestry became mechanical in the 50s and 60s. The cabins were the home of the workers 6 days a week. The 7th day they went home on skiing to their familys and Sunday curch.

Today we make it easy for people to experience, the tranquility, wildlife and the fantastic nature you find in these forests. The oldest pine trees is over 350 years old.

In collaboration with the landowner, the cabins are restored and maintained. The cabins are not modernized but are made a little more comfortable for accommodation.

With dog sledding this is a unique offer not found elsewhere.

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