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Our camp and meetingpoint is at Budor. The adress is Budorvegen 1500   2340 Løten. 

Accommodation. Book your stay at Budor.

Contackt Budor Hytteutleie for accommodation. They haveapartments and cabins for rental. Budor is a popular

spot for several winter activities.

HEDMARKSVIDDA KENNEL have 25 Siberian Huskies. These are athletes who are trained for short or longer distances in front of the sled or trollcart. They are kind and well-groomed dogs who are wellsocialized with people. They love to be cuddled. We offer kennel visits throughout the year which can be combined with several activities. All our activities are exclusive and private. This applies to individuals, families, groups and companies. Welcome to us and the dogs!

Imagine yourself gliding through a winter wonderland of majestic nature with a team of beautiful Siberian Huskies pulling you down the trail. The only sounds you hear are the panting of the dogs and the swish of the sled runners. Imagine the thrill of driving a team as you become one unit with these well-trained spirited athletes. No other method of travel over snow can compare with dog sledding.

Distance by car.

To Budor: Hamar 25 min. Oslo 130 min. Oslo Airport 90 min. Lillehammer 100 min. Elverum 30 min.

You can also go by train to Hamar and taxi from the trainstation to Budor.

On weekends we can arrange pickup at Hamar trainstation.

Before every activity we meet in the lavo for coffe/tea and we will give you info about the dogs, breed, some history and a short info about dogsledding.

Husky Tours

All tours are exclusive and private.

Coffe/tea are incl.

3,5 km 1 hour per person nok 779/399 child 12 year 

( minimum price for this tour is nok 1899 )

5 km 1,5 hour per person nok 1099/499 child 12 year 

( minimum price for this tour is nok 2199 )

This is our popular family trip. The track go through adventurous old pine forest and over open marshlandscape.

10 km 2,5 hours nok per person 1499/499 12 year 

( minimum price for  this tour is nok 2399 )

To feel the strength of a team of huskies pulling you through the white landscape its an adventure of a lifetime.

We serve hotdogs and drinks in the lavo. Incl.

This is our most poplular tour.

20 km 5 hours  day trip per person nok 1999 

Min 2 persons. 

Lunch and drinks incl.

Husky Tour adventure. We visit an old log-cabin for lunch. Lunch and drinks incl.


We take no responsibility for weather conditions. Everyone must have their own insurance during our activities such as travel insurance. Remember warm clothes and shoes. 

Welcome to the Norwegian Taiga.


Husky Tour 

2 days tour and 1 night in a log-cabin

 Nok 4999. 1-2 persons. ( extra night and day nok 1499 )

The tour starts from our camp at Budor 2pm. Return the next day from the cabin at 3pm.

 Husky tour with one night in a log-cabin. A real adventure.

Enjoy the tranquility of nature. An experience without man-made sounds and lights as far as possible. Go alone or bring a friend or someone you love. The dogs and we will guide you through two great days or more. 
The cabin has snowshoes and ice fishing equipment for free use. Everything you need for the trip is ready for you except:

toothbrush, clothes, shoes and sleeping bag.

( its possible to rent sleepingbags )

This area is home for animal like moose, reindeer, bever and others so don`t forget the camera. The northen light can also be seen on the sky on a clear winter night.


All incl.

cell phone conditions good

no road to the cabin

no electric power




TELEFON:  +47 92 86 04 10

          +47 47 82 82 59

ADRESSE:  Ellevsætervegen 637

                     2386 Brumunddal

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